About our company

We manufacture various accessories for the purpose of technical and visual improvement of custom bikes. The following is a small excerpt of our range of accessory that we produce for customizers, motorcycle garages and the racing. The quality and precision of our business is guaranteed by a master craftsman’s diploma, CAD qualified staff and CNC skilled labour. Before the beginning of the production, the initial accessories are installed in our own motorcycles and pass through extensive test phases. We ride what we sell. Concerning form and performance all of our products are designed and manufactured by us. We greatly appreciate enquiries by retailers.

Alu  Racingzylinder Spezial
Teile aus der Fertigung
RRC Gabelbrücke 5° Rake mit TÜV Alu Fußrasten und Pointcover
Lichtmaschinenadapter Kawa
Alu Kettenrad mit Versatzadapter

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